Top 7 Reasons for Chartering a Boat vs Buying

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Read on to know the top 7 reasons why prudent men prefer to charter a boat rather than buying:

Locking huge investment:  Buying a Yacht involves heavy budget outlay.  Since this needs huge investment which may not be possible for many, you can opt for hiring.  Also, it is not advisable to lock in huge money when usage is going to be only for a few days.

Maintenance:  Maintaining an own Yacht is not a joke.  It requires repainting and replacement of metal parts every year to protect from damages of the sea wind.  Besides, there is a long list of regular expenses like fuel, crew salary, food and entertainment expenses, insurance premium, repair cost etc.  It is rather easy to hire it when you need it than shouldering all these responsibilities.  4YACHT provides excellent chartering services.  You will be surprised to see the wide range of the fleet of yachts available with them.

Risk:  Buying a yacht needs knowledge and experience.  If one steps in without knowledge, they tend to get their wallet burnt.  There are also chances of buying a yacht which might look durable but having major issues which are not obvious.  So, chartering eliminates the risk.

Suitable for getting familiar:  Chartering is the most suitable option for getting familiar with yachting.  You can try various yachts till you find your suitable yacht.  While buying a yacht it is not possible to replace it frequently.

When not required winding up is easy:  When you have decided you are not going to yacht any longer you need not to bother to sell it when you charter.  You can wind up easily.  But in the case of own yacht, it is not so.

Depreciation and obsolete:  Yachts depreciate faster and become obsolete.  So, chartering is better than buying it permanently.

Idle asset risk:  When not in use, yachts may not always fetch alternative sails that easily.  So, there is a high risk of the asset staying idle.  Hence chartering is preferable.