How to Choose and Buy the Right Kind of Medical Marijuana in 2018


It can be confusing to the extent of overwhelming!

We have seen patients expressing such feelings of having become overwhelmed by entering a dispensary of medical marijuana that we think it is not their fault at all. The field is vast and even as practitioners find it hard to grasp the various facets of each variety, it is right that the patients who walk in to address their needs can be anything but confident that the choice of their drug is correct.

The preliminary inquiry is a must:

Safety is a prerequisite. You don’t want to enter a dispensary and buy stuff that is not stored in a clean environment or not even grown and processed in an environment that is certified and standardized. When you first walk into such dispensary of your choice, it is a given that you ask to check their certification and the standards that they maintain in a bid to be satisfied that you are at the right place.

In case you think that the place or the authorized seller looks suspicious, you can simply choose to walk out and continue to search for a better place. This is your right and you do not need to be shy of exercising it.

One roadblock to testing if your marijuana is of good quality or not is to that when you test it and you do not find it satisfactory then you cannot return it back. Buying and testing, therefore, is not the most viable proposition. That is precisely why it is stressed that you do your research first before committing to buy any strain.

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