How To Buy Foundation: The Best Foundation For Your Skin

Have you noticed that your face looks a bit too oily or perhaps caky shortly after you have completed your makeup? Most of these flaws might be prominent in photos. If you have observed such flaws, your foundation might be the one to be blamed. As this is one of the products you apply on your face, it offers the foundation for your makeup and so it is imperative to choose the best foundation for your face. While choosing foundation the parameters that vary are the color, texture, finish and the ingredients.

Find one based on the purpose

There are foundations that work pretty well in hiding blemishes. They offer a nice coverage over large scars and pigmentation patches as well. There are some people who look for foundations that can slightly hide the fine lines other aging spots on the skin. For some, the foundation is useful to hide the pores. Finally, there are those who simply need to even out their skin tone before applying makeup and all they need is a light daily wear foundation.

The color of the foundation

The foundation color should be chosen not just based on how your skin looks from the outside but also based on your undertone. This would ensure that your foundation looks naturally blended under different lighting conditions.


There are cream base and oil base options. And there are powder foundations. The choice depends on whether you have an oily skin, combination skin or dry skin.


Would you like a matte finish or would you prefer a subtle sheen in your makeup? There are different finishes available in the same shades in most foundations.

Ingredients list

Finally, make sure that you pick a foundation that contains ingredients that are safe on the skin. Stay away from the ones with harsh chemicals. Take the leads from the holistic board skin care section when you choose skin care products.…

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