The Best Musical Toys for Children of All Ages

Music is truly a balm for the soul. Sometimes you might not know if your child is musically inclined or not. At starwalkkids they have a plethora of musical toys to encourage the love of music in children. In case you are not sure which are the best musical toys for your child, read on.

Music Cube

For very young kids the Music cube is a good buy. Kids can learn to recognize instruments and also compose their own music by rearranging the cube. The sky is the limit to their imagination and the music that can be produced from the cube.


Tub water flutes

You can make bath times musical with this innovative toy wherein the flutes are filled with water in varying levels and this will create different sounds.

Quercetti Super Saxoflute

For kids above 5, the Saxoflute is a challenging musical toy that allows them to create their own unique instruments. The product comes with two mouthpieces, twenty twisting tubes and two trumpet ends. By varying, the combination kids can create umpteen tunes and sounds each and every time they play with it.


Almost every household with a kid will have this interesting percussion instrument that encourages kids to bang on it. The metal tubes in this xylophone lookalike can be nagged to produce a wide variety of sounds. This is available in mini, junior and extended range for kids of all age groups.

Musical table

There are various versions of this versatile musical toys. There are simpler ones for smaller kids which include drums, shaker, and tumbler for kids to make noise and produce some music. The bigger tables are more expensive but come with more realistic music and consist of more instruments like xylophone, drums, cymbals, chimes and so on. Once again, the possibilities are many.

There are many more such instruments that can inculcate the love of music in your child.…

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