Top 10 Tips to Improve Retail Sales When They’re Down

Retail sales like any other business have their up and down phases. These may be seasonal or linked to the latest fashion or location of the store. Usually, you can improve sales using one or many of the techniques taught in the marketing courses the world over. The buyers need to be attracted and convinced to buy the merchandise or products that you offer. So here are the top ten tips for you.

  1. Advertise more, of course. The more people know about your products, the more potential customers will at least visit the store and in the bargain may be converted into buyers.
  2. Create more buzz through community involvement. Get involved in social events and make the brand more popular.
  3. Change the pricing policy. Make it more competitive compared to other similar products.
  4. Connect with customers and potential buyers. This is the era of online social media. So make your connections through these platforms, like Facebook and Instagram etc.
  5. Use Step and Repeat Banner Stands, which are banners that contain logos of sponsors. These can be used for advertising and capturing pictures. This will make your brand well recognized.
  6. Have some special event in your store. This can be celebrated in a different and unique way, attracting people’s attention. This can be a special day dedicated to some humane cause, for example, collection drive for hurricane survivors. People will flock to the store to donate even if it is not on their shopping list.
  7. Create a special event of celebration like the founder’s day. You can announce some freebies and giveaways. This will attract a lot of people to the store and some of them will definitely turn into customers.
  8. Create a feedback system, through which you can understand your customers better. This way you can change and improve the products and services and make them more attractive.
  9. Create a loyalty program. More people will join when added points can be converted to monetary advantage.
  10. Appeal to customers through emotional and personal messages. This connect will help you more than anything else.

We are sure that when some of these techniques are used, the sales will never decline and you will always have a profit making business.

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The Thoughts EVERY Girl Has While Shopping

Women are creatures of habit, women love to shop, love to gossip, love to have fun and all the other things. We made this article to talk about the thoughts and worries every girl has while shopping and what are some things that you can do about it.

  • Is this too expensive?

If you are asking this question, then in most cases, no, except for the insanely expensive luxury brands. If you wish to purchase discounted gucci handbags this is a great website for it.

  • Will this fit?

If you are asking this question to yourself while looking at the said size, go up a size and see if it fits, most of the time if you are asking such a question it will not fit.

  • How will this look to my friends?

Ask the employees around you, dress in the dressing rooms and ask them how well you look, most of them have a lot of experience in fashion, especially the ones that dress nice themselves. They can give you a good idea of how it will look when you go out.

  • What sort of outfit would look good for a certain occasion?

This one is a nice question, there are several different outfits that look good for different occasions:

  • Romantic

Wear nice heels and red clothing, red makes your features stand out and you look much more attractive. The male brain is wired to like red on women, which can help spice up an evening (*wink)

  • Casual

Try dressing in a casual blouse and a skirt, these looks both stylish but fancy at the same time.

  • Formal

Try dressing up in a Women’s suit, you will want to look serious and well-dressed at the same time. This outfit works well for both.

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